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Top 6 Reasons for Using Email to SMS or Web SMS Services

The top 6 reasons businesses and individuals are adopting Email to SMS services, other than the fact most people have a mobile phone and most people can access and read a text message sent to them, include:

  1. Social: Staying in touch is important in your personal life and from a networking perspective. When you just want to catch up quickly, don’t need or want to have a long conversation and hate using your thumbs on a small mobile phone keypad to do so, this is the solution.
  2. People Management: Managing staff who are away from the office with quick and efficient messaging. Keeping them and you in touch with what they are doing.
  3. Message Management: Keep track, file and print sent and received sms messages for future reference.
  4. Savings: Cheaper than a call and most mobile phone SMS costs
  5. Productivity: Easier and quicker to send and receive and allows rapid review and access to message history.
  6. No training: If you can use email, have an email account and a PC, you can use the email to sms or web sms service.

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