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SMS in your Business

Consider the potential to improve your business processes using SMS? If your business incorporates some of the following scenarios, email to SMS may be able to improve on what you are currently doing in your business processes:

  • High outgoing mobile phone spend
  • Distributed workforce always on the road
  • The need to issue work instructions to staff in the field
  • The need to update employees who are out of the office

The UTBox SMS solution is simple, cost effective and easy to roll out across an organisation. By using your email software and the UTBox SMS service, messages can be sent, received, filed, printed or managed as required within the business to support key business processes.

Centralise Business Communications

By signing up with UTBox sms you also get access to UTBox fax which allows you to centralise business SMS and fax messages along with regular email messages. Messages can also be distributed to more than one account to ensure nothing is missed.

Flexible Business Process

Contact us to talk to one of our consultants about how UTBox SMS services can be integrated into your business processes and help improve your business. UTBox owns and operates all the hardware and software supporting their SMS and fax solutions, so has the ability to customise solutions to client needs for large scale implementations.

Privacy and Confidentiality

UTBox deals with large corporates and government departments and understands the need for privacy. Please read our privacy statement here.

Ready to start using the UTBox SMS from email service? Just click on the button below to start your 30-day free trial.