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Our SMS API services offers the ability to send bulk SMS one by one on demand, or in a sustained manner. We support both REST and SOAP and if you’re using SOAP easy integration is available using WSDL.

Using a SMS API to deliver SMS programatically offers you many advantages over administering your own equipment. This approach offers to you

  • Fantastic scalability without equipment
  • Excellent route management to ensure highest delivery
  • Choice of quality vs cost routing
  • Ability to set your own reply-id and utilise our reply back system

The UTBox SMS API supports:

  • Delivery receipts (DLRs)
  • Specifying a custom send transaction reference
  • Querying SMS status
  • Setting the call back URLs via API
  • and more…

Typical uses of a SMS API:

  • Sending SMS notifications from your website
  • Bulk sending of marketing traffic
  • Integrating customer facing systems which require SMS notification or events based notifications
  • Increasing the customer engagement of existing systems and promotion
  • and more…

We are currently allowing early access to this API. Please contact us to see if you qualify and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.