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According to the Wikipedia, Fax, short for facsimile, is a telecommunication technology to transfer documents over the telephone network.

Faxing came into being in the 1970s and first became popular in Japan before spreading to the rest of the world. By the 1980’s fax machines had achieved critical mass and were commonplace in offices around the world.

As new technologies have developed, the fax machine has come under increasing pressure and combined with other devices such as printers, scanners and copiers to retain its place in the office. Faxing still however retains certain advantages over newer technologies for certain applications.

Many corporate environments moved to fax servers in the late 1990’s which reduced cost by reducing printed output and the need for a number of analogue lines, and allowed users to have their own unique fax numbers.

In the early 2000’s the emergence of Internet fax providers started, which allowed users to send and receive faxes from their email accounts. No downloads, no software, no fax machines, no toner, no ink cartridges and no fax server required. In addition IT was not required to maintain any hardware or software or manage any licenses.

Business fax users have embraced Internet fax providers as a means of providing unique fax numbers to their staff, ensuring their faxes appear professional and reducing the cost associated with faxes. In addition, certain businesses are using online faxing to improve business processes.

Using an online provider such as UTBox allows you to send and receive faxes and send SMS messages using your email, as well as broadcast faxes to a number of users. No fax machine required.

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