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The top 5 reasons both business and individuals are using internet fax services include:

  • Privacy

    Private incoming and outgoing faxes, for example from or to the Human Resources Department. Make sure you are the only person reading your faxes and they are not available for all to see.

  • Scalable

    Ability to have numerous incoming fax lines when offices are spread over large geographic areas or more than one floor of office space is used. An Internet solution avoids the need for numerous incoming lines. All you need is an email inbox.

  • Security and productivity

    Faxes are not delayed for days in in-trays or lost in-between the in-tray and your desk.

  • Savings

    Reduces paper requirements and printing and makes faxes easier to send and receive. Working with Greening Australia, UTBox also helps to save our environment.

  • No training required

    If you can use a computer and email, you can use an email to fax or fax to email service.

There is no longer a need for traditional fax equipment. You can signup and get a fax number in a matter of minutes. Once registered, you can start faxing like a professional in minutes. The UTBox start up credit allows you to trial the service before you buy at our expense.

All this for a fraction of the cost of a traditional fax machine, phone line, paper and ink cartridges. Nobody who receives faxes from you will know the difference, other than that their faxes are always perfectly aligned and crystal clear.

Ready to start using the UTBox internet fax service? Just click on the button below and take advantage of our 30-day free trial.