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Changing from a traditional fax machine to an online Internet fax service can take getting used to, unless of course you have only ever used an online fax service.

UTBox has included some of their users experience and feedback to help you make a smooth transition to sending and receiving faxes from email.

Standard Fax Implementation

  • Write down and ensure the following is in an easily accessible place 61 (state) (fax number) You would be surprised how easily this is forgotten, the first few times you want to send a fax.
  • Write down your username and password as well as the date your free trial started, or your renewal date somewhere safe. Using the notes capacity in Outlook is a good idea.
  • Make sure that if you change your email address, you update it on your account. Your email address is the single point which we have to send you communications, billing information and product updates to.
  • Set up a folder in your email software to store faxes received and sent. Alternatively file them with emails by topic. Just ensure you have a consistent filing plan for them.
  • Ensure you have changed the following to reflect your new fax number:
    o Website, contact us pages
    o Business cards
    o Letterheads
    o Email sign off
    o Any other business signage
  • Communicate the new fax number to your key customers and other contacts. You may want to consider using the Fax broadcast feature for a one off notification to your client list.

For larger Organisations

  • Set time lines for the changeover and ensure this is well communicated.
  • Run training, this will be short, but demonstrating how to use online faxing, no matter how simple will ensure staff can see the benefit, resist the change less and adapt to the new technology easily.
  • Phase out the existing fax machines within a give timeline, giving users the time to get used to the change.
  • Set up a help line, a page on the intranet or links to the UTBox site to ensure users can access support or help as required.
  • Distribute “cheat” cards, with simple easy to read instructions on how to mainly send but also to receive a fax.
  • Consider your policy with respect to faxes and filing, and whether this will need to change from the existing policy in place.
  • Ensure faxes are distributed correctly when received, and that this is set up correctly from the start. UTBox can help with this process.
  • Set a target for cost savings and monitor. These savings may be from paper usage, call costs or fax machine consumables.

A little effort can make the difference between good and a great implementation and ongoing use of fax email services. To make sure you get the fax to email and email to fax service you need, try our 30-day free trial now!