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If you are concerned about the environment, global warming and you work in an office, this is for you. Whether you are a business owner or manager, you can make a difference in your office environment.

Did you know that having an environmentally friendly or green office is so important that the Australian Government has developed guidelines? You can read more on these here : Green office guide.

You can help the environment by purchasing green office equipment as a start. From the website above, a photocopier can cost as much as $4,000 to buy, and over 7 years may consume as much as $1,500 in electricity, use $15,000 worth of ink toner and as much as $24,000 of paper. Greenhouse gas emissions from a photocopier resulting from this energy, paper and toner usage would be in excess of 80 tones. That’s similar to an average Australian household over the same time period.

Have we got your attention yet?

Utilising green office solutions can also benefit in a number of other ways, including savings in electricity, telecommunications lines, air conditioning and consumables, and the resultant savings in costs.

Fax Machines

Given our business, our focus for the green office is obviously around making the traditional fax machine redundant. Fax machines are in many cases inactive much of the time, unless part of a printer or other similar technology and use all the electricity, paper and consumables of a traditional printer, just on a smaller scale, obviously depending on the volume of faxes sent and received.

By eliminating the fax machine from the office environment and moving to an online fax solution such as we offer, can help you on your way toward a greener and more environmentally friendly office.

UTBox and the environment

UTBox offers fax broadcasting and online fax services. All eliminating the need for an office fax machine and the need to have every fax received result in a printed page. There are also other benefits to an online fax service.

The UTBox value proposition is as follows:

  1. Helping you move toward a greener office environment
  2. Saving you money
  3. Improving productivity

It is no wonder a number of Government departments already use UTBox as their provider of choice when it comes to online and green fax requirements.

You can, so to speak let the fax speak for themselves. Try our 30-day free trial by clicking on the button below. NO credit card required. You can start faxing in less than 2 minutes!