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The Australian Government has developed guidelines for purchasing office equipment, more specifically fax machines. Given the main business of UTBox is online fax using email and fax broadcast services, we believe this is important and will focus on the guidelines and checklists for fax machines in a green office.

All products and/or services have some impact on the environment throughout their life cycle, however, well designed and efficient technologies can reduce the potential carbon footprint. These guidelines and checklists exist to help organisations make the right choices.

You can see these guidelines at Fax machine environmental purchasing list.

The fax machine environmental purchasing guidelines list includes the following key criteria:

  • Suitable energy star rating
  • Low energy consumption
  • Ability to reduce waste and use fewer resources
  • Low environmental impact packaging
  • Low operating noise levels
  • Companies that provide additional environmental benefits

You can also view and download the fax purchasing checklist.

The checklist includes fax machine considerations, key Australian Government policies and suggested purchasing criteria specific to fax machines.

With UTBox fax to email or email to fax services, each box on the checklist can be ticked as compliant. Our service use fewer on-site resources, make no noise on site other than the sound of the keyboard, has no packaging other than the website and has no noise other than the sound of emails arriving.

We believe you can safely say you have complied with the government green office guidelines when it comes to fax machines when using UTBox fax services. Isn’t it time you made a difference? Sign-up now for your free trial by clicking the button below!