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Business Need – Fax Tracking and Management

A common business need is to send information to the most appropriate person to deal with in the most efficient and cost effective manner. Fax tracking allows faxes to be routed to different users based on certain criteria in the incoming fax, and in addition, route the fax not only to the specific person responsible but also to a central email address to ensure all incoming faxes are received and managed. UTBox has set up barcode tracking for this purpose to allow incoming faxes to be recognised, tracked and routed appropriately.

How tracking works?

When incoming faxes are received they include a barcode provided by UTBox on the coversheet. The UTBox system reads the barcode and decides on who the recipient for that particular fax message should be. The fax is then routed to the individual’s email address and to a central email address for further reconciliation. This allows faxes which meet certain criteria to be delivered to the most appropriate recipient and remove any sorting and delivery delays.

Top 5 uses of barcode tracking

  1. Linking faxes received to a document management system
  2. Having faxes coming into a centralised number but distributed to the correct department in the office
  3. Having a code per staff member allowing you to retrieve a fax to a central number and have it automatically distributed to the correct staff member
  4. Separating junk faxes from legitimate client faxes
  5. Advanced document routing in large office enterprise environments

The Benefits of fax tracking

Tracking results in reduced processing times for faxes received and improve response times to customers. Sending the fax to the correct person in the organisation from the beginning ensures these benefits. In addition, “lost” and “no action” faxes are virtually eliminated.

Call us to talk to one of our consultants about fax tracking and how it can meet your business needs. You may start your 30-day free trial by clicking on the button below.