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Business Processes

Take a look at the processes you have in place, where are the bottlenecks, what documents are double handled, and what frustrates your employees the most?


Can your business benefit from replacing your traditional fax machine with Internet fax? Do you see:

  • A high volume of faxes within the organisation;
  • Fax communications to multiple recipients, marketing or otherwise;
  • The use of traditional fax machines to communicate with third parties or other geographically dispersed groups within the organisation;
  • A high cost of maintaining numerous fax machines for a number of staff who all have email access; or
  • Incoming fax communications which require electronic tracking and routing.

UTBox Consulting

UTBox owns and operates all fax and SMS related hardware and software and has the ability to customise solutions to clients needs. Contact us to speak to a consultant on how you can meet your business goals with UTBox business fax services.

Ready to start using the UTBox internet fax service? Just click on the link below and take advantage of our free 30-day trial. No credit card required.