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Before buying a traditional fax machine or selecting an alternative internet fax provider, consider the following advantages of using UTBox as your service provider and your email to manage your fax requirements key advantages include:

  • Free trial. Sign up free and get 30 days as well as a $5 credit to get started. No credit card required to activate your account. No ongoing obligation.
  • Faxing costs is cheaper than having your own fax line and equipment. No more maintenance and consumables needed to feed the machine.
  • You only pay on successful delivery of your fax.
  • Easy-to-use. If you can send and receive emails, you can send and receive Internet faxes. No training is required.
  • No software or downloads required. Simply use your email.

Our service features deep functionality and flexible pricing structures, as well as providing a simple but effective, easy-to-use fax solution.

UTBox has fax number services in Sydney, Newcastle, Penrith, Melbourne, Geelong, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and the Gold Coast and allows faxes to be sent from a localised number in these cities. So wherever you are in Australia, UTBox can accommodate you.

There really is no longer a need for a traditional fax machine. You can signup and get a fax number for your city. Once registered, you can start faxing in minutes. The UTBox start up credits allow you to trial the service before you buy at our expense.

Just click on the button below and start your free 30-day trial!